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Quick seach for Spanish Hotels in Huesca Province of Aragon

A2Z Spain Is please to offer the following search results for Huesca while we compile our complete database.

The province of Huesca is home to the tallest mountain in the Pyrenees – Aneto. The province of Huesca has a population of over 200,000, of which one fifth live in the capital.   Bordering France , it lies in the northern part of the autonomous community of Aragon . Home to the tallest mountain in the Pyrenees – Aneto, it is ideally situated close to the Pyrenees for Alpine skiing enthusiasts. Other popular activities in the area include mountaineering, paragliding and horse riding.  Huesca has plenty of varied accommodation for tourists, from budget hostels to 5 star hotels to enchanting rural accommodation.

The impressive “Ordesa Y Monte Perdido” national park is home to many species of striking birds such as Eagles, Hawks, Owls and Vultures.  It was once home to the Pyrenean Ibex which, despite conservation efforts, are no longer to be found.

Fiestas are plentiful throughout the province. The main one is La Fiesta de San Lorenzo in the capital city, Huesca, August 9th to 14th. A grill, which you will see portrayed in many fashions in the city, is the symbol of San Lorenzo . They say he was martyred in Rome in 268AD, burnt on a grill. Another renowned fiesta is the magical night of St John . The city is also famous for the "Bell of Huesca". Legend says that it was constructed from the heads of insurgent nobles who were executed by King Ramiro II of Aragon.

Jaca, otherwise know as "the pearl of the Pyrenees " is home to a re-enactment of a medieval battle of the first Friday of May. The "Ciudadela" (citadel), which has been declared as a national monument, has a stunning pentagonal floor-plan on a remarkable scale. It is also an important stop along the Pilgrims Road or "Camino de Santiago" which leads to Santiago de Compostela.

The architecture of the region is a varied one. Gothic cathedrals in Huesca and Barbastro are surrounded by rural churches which are mainly of Baroque and Renaissance styles. The landscape of this province is rich in diversity and you will find legends of the Holy Grail everywhere.

Other notable towns of the Province: Ayerbe, Sabiñánigo, Benasque, Graus, Benabarre, Tamarite de Litera, Monzón, Sariñena

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