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Quick seach for Spanish Hotels in Lleida Province near Andorra

A2Z Spain Is please to offer the following search results for the Province of Lleida while we compile our complete database.

Lleida , is a unique Province in northeastern Spain. It borders many other provinces, one being Barcelona, and also the countries France and Andorra.  It is part of the autonomous community of Catalonia.  Lleida is the official name however it is known as Lérida in Spanish.

Being one of the most mountainous regions in Spain it is very popular with skiing and hiking enthusiasts, particularly in the Val d'Aran around the Pyrenees.  This is also a well known wine making area, so winter or summer, there are a lot of things to do and see.

The capital city is built on the banks of the river Segre.  It has an enchanting old quarter which is well worth a leisurely stroll around. A specialty of the region is a type of sausage called Xolis, which you can find in most markets and restaurants. For those interested in the history and culture, the remains of the ancient walls are still standing and there are many Roman buildings to see.  Lleida has two impressive Baroque cathedrals with very interesting pasts.  Julius Caesar and his troops stayed at the Castile de Gardeny which is closed to the public but there are stunning views over the city to take in.

There are numerous colourful fiestas all over the province, celebrating a diverse range of traditions. The 'Festa Major' in Lleida is celebrated on the day of San Anastasio. Solsona retains its ancient traditions such as the 'trabucaires' (soldiers armed with blunderbusses).  While In Tárrega, they hold the famous Theatre Festival in September. 

The Aiguestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park located in Lleida

Others areas on interest:

The Val de Boí has been declared a world heritage site because of the number of Roman churches and other remains.  

Noguera Balaguer is a popular place for adventure sports such as canoeing, skiing and rafting.  It also has many places of cultural and historical interest.

Segarra, which is famous for its olive groves, orchards and medieval historic sites.

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