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Quick seach for Spanish Hotels in Lugo Province of Galicia

A2Z Spain Is please to offer the following search results for the Province of Lugo while we compile our complete database.

The coastal province of Lugo in the autonomous community of Galicia lies in Northeastern Spain.  It is lined with sandy beached, coves and rugged cliffs. Further inland are the Cantabrian Mountains which cross the province along with green valleys and plains. A truly diverse landscape. The climate is a maritime one, with a lot of rainfall in winter and spring, but the Summer time has days of glorious sunshine.

This area does not have many residential foreigners and is a preferred holiday destination of the Spanish. The coast offers many activities which you will find on most coastal areas and accommodation to suit every tourist's needs. Inland there is a wealth of unspoilt countryside  steeped in history and culture very specific to the region.

Galicia has a great tradition of myths and legends and has deep Celtic roots.  One local myth suggests Galicia was colonized by settlers from Ireland and Scotland in the 3rd century BC.  They are a superstitious people, which is why fortune tellers are widespread throughout the area.

The city of Lugo is a charming one and offers great shopping, a historical area and plenty of good bars and restaurants.  There is a museum showing many ancient Roman and Celtic artifacts and a beautiful Romanesque cathedral in the Plaza de Santa. Its most interesting asset is the Roman wall around the city, which is the only complete wall of its kind in Spain - muralla. The area has a flourishing economy, mainly agricultural, while it is also has a growing rural tourism industry.

San Froilán is the major fiesta in Lugo, celebrated annually in October. It retains its deeply rooted religious traditions while also incorporating a variety of colourful entertainment..  

Other places worth visiting are: Montforte, famous for its many bronze-age excavations sites. Mondoñedo, a small town which has been declared a national historical-cultural site and has a fascinating past.

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