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Quick seach for Spanish Hotels and Information on Navarra Province of northern Spain

A2Z Spain Is please to offer the following search results for the Province of Navarra while we compile our complete database.

Navarre is an autonomous region in north of Spain, bordering the Basque Country, La Rioja, Aragón and France. Pamplona is the capital where one third of the population resides.  It has a mixed culture having both Basque and Spanish influences, the northern part of the region is where Basque affinity is most prominent, coming from the Pyrenees. Although Spanish is the official language of the province, Basque can also be heard here.

The Spanish heritage is sourced from around the Ebro Valley, the southern region of the province.  The area leans itself to various agricultural practices such as the growing of wheat, vegetables, olives and of course wine production. 

Navarre is leading Europe with its use of renewable energy technology and by 2010 it hopes to have 100% of its energy usage generated through this technology.  Presently, the majority is supplied by wind farms. 

The city of Pamplona displays a diverse yet wonderful heritage from the Romans, Muslims, Christians and Jews which can be seen in the various buildings scattered throughout the city.   Its most significant monument is the Cathedral, built in the14th century, which houses the tomb of Charles III and his wife, Queen Leonor.   For the thousands of pilgrims taking the Camino de Santiago it is the first stop along the route. 

The centre of the city lies around Plaza del Castillo. It is the heart of the San Fermin fiesta, July 6th to 14th, when bulls run though the streets and the jota, an energetic traditional dance, is performed.   This Fiesta was made famous by Ernest Hemmingway when he wrote about it in his novel "The Sun Also Rises".  He was honoured by the city and now has a street named after him.   The Calle de Estafeta is a good place to go to enjoy a meal as is it lined with bars and tascas. Or you can explore the many old narrow streets and will undoubtedly find an enchanting little bar or restaurant.

When you venture further into the province you will find a wealth of unspoilt countryside and picturesque towns, each with their own charm and stories.   There are also plenty of activities such as hiking, fishing and horse-riding to enjoy throughout the province.

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