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Quick search for Spanish Hotels and Information on Palencia Province of Castille Y León

A2Z Spain Is please to offer the following search results for the Province of Palencia while we compile our complete database.

Palencia is a province within the autonomous community of Castille Y León which lies in the north of Spain.  It borders Cantabria to the north, León to the west, Valladolid to the south and Burgosto the east.   A staggering 45% of the Palencia's population live in the main city bearing the same name.

It is probably the least known province of Castille Y León , however it is home to some of the most significant sites in Spain.   The town of Baños de Cerrato is home to the oldest church on the Iberian Peninsula and the Villa Romana de la Olmeda, near Saldaña, is one Spain's most highly prized Roman remains.  It has over 1000 square metres of well preserved mosaics, the largest of which depicts Ulysses discovering Achilles on the island of Skyros.   Paredad de Nava is the birthplace of the famous Sculptor Alonso Berrugeute and Palencia is home to the second largest statue of Christ in the world, Cristo de Otero, a work by Víctorio Macho.

The main city of Palencia is modern but also charming around the old section and it has many beautiful plaza's with typical Romanesque churches at their centres. The city's Gothic cathedral dates back to the 14 th century and sits on a Visiogothic crypt, it also has a museum containing many works of art including a retablo by Juan de Flandes . The main area of the city to find good restaurants and bars and hotels is around the Calle Mayor and Plaza Mayor.

Palencia has many fiestas throughout the year.   In September, the 2nd is the main fiesta day, commemorating San Antolín, the streets are illuminated, and crowds gather to listen to music, dance and take part in various competitions. Mass is celebrated at the cathedral followed by the drinking of water from the miraculous well in the crypt. They recall the days of the middle ages when Palencia was a flourishing city.  Legend has it that King Sancho was hunting one day and followed a boar into a cavern, but could not shoot as he found his arm paralysed.   Upon realizing that this cavern was a hermitage erected by San Antolín he fell to his knees and promised that he would build a temple and restore the Episcopal Chair if he could have the feeling back in his arm.

La virgin de la calle is a fiesta celebrated on the 2nd February, where traditional songs and dances are performed.

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