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the first Spanish supplement to be distributed through high level British Broadsheet newspapers, published totally in English and appearing each month, in editions throughout regions of the United Kingdom.

“A2ZSpain” is the result of a recent market study that reached two main conclusions: the existance of a strong appeal to the UK audience, and the difficulties of communicating with the audience. “A2ZSpain” in much more than a magazine, it is a direct means of communication to inform the British public about the Spanish way of life, traditions and products, and in particular it's competitive and dynamic property sector.



“A2ZSpain” is published in full-colour, 230x297mm format, with variable pag length and 200,000 prints run every month. It contains news, interviews, editorial features, and coverage of evets that focus on all aspects of Spanish business and culture.

“A2ZSpain” is designed and produced entirely in Spain, and the involvement of sponsors is limited to the inclusion of advertising and advertorial material.

Thanks to a heavy demand for advertising space and our extremmely low rates (far lower than in the UK); we are certain that “A2ZSpain” represents the best-available medium for promoting your corporate image and the products to the UK market.

We hope that this information has been useful, and we will be in touch soon to discuss how A2ZSpain" can support your business strategy. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spain: C/ Altamira, 13, 8º1ª - 04005 Almería - Tel. (0034) 950 851141 - Fax. (0034) 950 851176